Category: Judgment

With Liberty and Justice for All

Honestly, my heart is filled with sorrow as I can see how far our nation has fallen from what was intended to be our course. I can only rely on what I know: this world is not our home, and while America has been a blessed nation in the past, I do not believe God will tolerate and continue to bless the USA any longer. I believe we have entered a time of judgment and God may allow us to be stripped of all our liberties as a result of denying Him. I continue to pray for mercy for our nation. Liberty & Justice for All.

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Mercy Triumphs

Most of us are familiar with this quote from Matthew 5. It is one of the beatitudes, and was part of Christ’s teaching in the Sermon on the Mount. He is telling us that if we are merciful toward others, we also will obtain mercy from God.

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