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A Friend Loves

I believe one of the reasons God created friendship was so that we could help each other. If one of us falls down, the other can help her up. This is true in the literal sense, as well as in the spiritual sense. If my friend falls into unbelief, hopelessness, fear, or any of the other troubles that plague us as humans, I can help her up as she opens her heart to me for encouragement and discipleship.

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Communication & Intimate Issues

Another area in which communication is critical is the timing of the sexual relationship. Both husbands and wives often lead very busy lives and have demanding schedules that include activities that go well beyond the normal work day, especially if there are children involved. Carving out the time necessary to maintain a sexual relationship is going to be a matter of communication.

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Multiplying Mercy, Peace, and Love

I have to say my mood has changed. My circumstances aren’t any different, but after reading these truths my thinking has been adjusted. How or what I think affects my mood. When discouragement sets in it is good for me to remember that I am called, beloved and kept secure; and that someday I will have some amazing stories to tell of God’s abundant mercy, peace and love in my life.

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The Opposite of Love

The Lord Jesus Christ taught us to call Him Father (Luke 11:2; Matt. 6:9). Dora learned through biblical counseling that she matters to God and that she has the privilege of calling Him Father, Abba. God the Father values His children; He is kind and loving and will care for and nurture His children when an earthly father will not. He hears our cries in the night (Ps. 55:17). He answers our pleas for help (Ps. 34:17; 6:9). He is is our ever present help in time of need (Ps. 46:1).

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Find Joy in Christ Alone

A person who struggles with depression struggles to find joy in life. It is as though life is seen through gray fog. Even events intended to be celebratory barely register happiness with them. One of the most important things for a person living with feelings of sorrow to remember is that joy doesn’t come from our circumstances. Our greatest joy is found in Christ alone. This is the secret to happiness in life. Jesus wanted to help the disciples understand this before he went to the cross, and like everything else in the Bible, it is meant to encourage us too.

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