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The Sandwich Generation: Should We Be Able to Do It All?

There is a great deal of guilt that goes with this sandwich generation lifestyle, and it comes from all directions. We feel guilty when we leave our children to care for our parents, and we feel guilty when we don’t. You, your children, and your parents are all rolled up in one God-ordained family. Why not enjoy it together? Your parents and your children will benefit from the relationship, and you will find the burden of all that caregiving lifted when you include your family in your parents’ care.

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Are You Worthy of the Calling

Are You Worthy Of The Calling My church is currently teaching on biblical manhood and womanhood in our Sunday school classes. Titus 2 is the most common text for what biblical womanhood is to be. Older women are to be engaged in a training process with the younger women in their lives and churches. It is our responsibility to raise a generation of sensible, disciplined, prudent, wise, discreet, restrained women who are committed to doing God’s will. This is a tremendous challenge. It is an incredible calling. If we are to have such an opportunity, it means we must...

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Forgotten Saints

This is where you and I come in. As we seek to minister to those in our church and our community, it is easy to forget these elderly ladies. After all, we don’t see them. Unless someone brings them to church, we may never meet them, or even know that they exist. You and I must actively seek out opportunities to serve these dear ones. Talk to your Women’s Ministry Leaders, or the Deacons in your church. Ask if they have a list of “shut-ins” (I really don’t like that term, but it is the most common one for this group), and begin to make contact.

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Submitting To An Unbelieving Husband

It’s never going to be back-and-white . Submitting to an unbelieving husband is a balancing act. Sometimes you have to weigh the command to submit against the other commands of Scripture. You must not submit, for example, if he asks you to sin. Like the disciples, you must obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29). Remember that Sapphira did not earn God’s favor by submitting to Ananias’ evil plan (Acts 5:1-11). And Abigail was anything but submissive when she saved Nabal from David’s wrath (1 Samuel 25).

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