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How to Create a Healthy Family

One of our goals in ministry is to facilitate the creation of healthy families. We routinely get calls from parents who are looking for counseling for their kids. Our philosophy is to teach parents how to minister to their children. We believe that parents are the best possible people to “counsel” their children, even in difficult circumstances. Children spend the majority of their time with their parents, and equipped parents are able to address problematic situations on an ongoing basis, rather than having a stranger meet with the children for one hour per week. Most children do not welcome another...

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Regrets of the Empty Nest

When Author Suzanne Holland’s children were young she did the best she could with the information and tools that she had at the time. She did many things right, but she also believes she made a lot of mistakes. Her nest is empty now, and when her younger son moved out last year, she did some soul searching and came up with a few things she would do differently, and some resolutions going forward. She’d like to share those regrets of the empty nest with you on today’s Biblical Counseling for Women blog post.

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Parents, Teens, and Sex

The dangers of teen sexual activity remains an epidemic that is ignored, and it is literally killing our kids. There are significant dangers that our teen boys and girls are exposing themselves to even with so-called “safe sex” practices. It is a fact that when kids engage in sexual activity they expose themselves to physical harm.

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A Wife and Keeper at Home

The decision to work outside the home or to stay at home as a wife and mother is an intensely personal one. We live in an age when women have unlimited opportunities for a career choice, and are no longer bound to the home in high heels and pearls as in the 1950’s. This has been a tremendous blessing for some women, and not so much for others. Like many of you I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, the time in American history when women believed they were being liberated from the “shackles” of role models like...

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Difficult Holidays

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and while it is going to be a day of celebration and family fun for many of you, for others it will be a day of sorrow and loneliness. It is the first of several difficult holidays to come, and you dread it. Holidays can be very hard when there are broken relationships among family members. Whether it is spouses battling with each other or children estranged from their parents, what would otherwise be a day of food and festivities will be full of heartache and sorrow. There are no easy answers here. I have...

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