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How Do I Know Repentance is Real?

When the Christian sins and experiences conviction for his sin he must cut off, put off, radically amputate that sin from his life and confess his sin to God and those who have been affected by his sin. He will be wiser still if he enlists help to assist him in his endeavors to be righteous and holy. How do you know repentance is real? When you see the person putting to death the deeds of the flesh and living more and more in righteousness.

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How to Raise a Protester

If you are currently in the trenches of child-rearing, my heart goes out to you. It is a mixed-up world these days, where children are catered to and coddled, never challenged to grow and learn through their mistakes. You will be fighting an uphill battle, fueled by friends who have everything, school systems with low expectations, and communities with little accountability. But there is still hope, my dear sister-moms! Commit yourselves to prayer and consistent study of the biblical principles of parenting. God is faithful, and He will lead and guide you as you walk in obedience to Him.

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A Rebel At Heart

Rebellion is a major problem in the lives of many counselees. A majority of the issues that bring a person into biblical counseling can be directly related to some issue of rebellion in their life. The typical scenario is something that is out of order has been revealed either through personal reading of the word of God, a sermon, or someone has come to them out of concern. I wish I could say otherwise, but the human tendency when confronted by another Christian about an area of sin is usually anger and defensiveness instead of humility and self-examination. This just complicates the matter and reveals the level of rebellion within that person’s heart. Rebellion is indeed a heinous sin. 1 Samuel 15:23 says rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft in the eyes of God, and stubbornness is the same as idolatry. I think learning this shocks people. As Christians, we cannot for one moment excuse rebellion toward God. The sin of rebellion begins within the heart before it is ever visible in a person’s life. Rebellion at the heart is idolatry because the person is focusing on their own wishes and desires, and elevating them above what they know to be God’s wishes and desires as found in the Bible. Consider King Saul. Saul, son of Kish was Israel’s first King. God rejected Saul as king because he was...

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When Christian Kids Reveal They Aren’t

I know today’s blog will hit painfully close to home for some of you. You are the parent of a child or children that you have raised in a Christian home. You made sure they went to church and memorized Bible verses in Awana or Pioneer club; you sacrificed to send them to Christian school or to home school them to give them the best possible influences. However, if you are really honest with yourself you question if all that you poured into them actually stuck. What began as a little nagging question in your mind has over time...

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Eating My Words?

Today I am posting an email and my reply to a previous post on eating disorders. I have withheld the name of the person who wrote the email out of courtesy to her. Part of the obligation of the biblical counselor is to speak the truth in dark places, to be willing to shed the light of Truth on topics that are difficult and misunderstood by Christians. The Church has bought into the lies of humanistic reasoning in too many cases.  Not everything is a “disease” or a “mental illness.” In fact, much of what is touted as such are the sinful thoughts, beliefs, desires and behaviors for which Christ died.  “After reading your blog about eating disorders I have to say FYI eating disorders are not rooted in idolatry it is not a love for self that originates in the sinful heart of man. It is a illness & love for self? It is more often a self hate & complete lack of self esteem. It is not a devotion (Idolatry) it is a illness!!! Leave it to the professionals!!! Before you do permanent damage to someone like me who has a E.D. someone who is not wise enough about what the Bible says to not just swallow your judgement of something you clearly have no idea about. Sorry do not mean to be rude but your judgement is rude & I...

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