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13 Reasons, Why Parents of Teens Should Watch

The first episode opens with Hannah’s classmate and friend, Clay, finding a package of cassette tapes left on his doorstep. The 13 tapes were recorded by the now deceased Hannah, and each tape is intended for those students Hannah says played a part in her decision to end her life. Each student is to listen to all the tapes, then pass them on to the person on the next tape. The final recipient is to be the school psychologist.

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Is Pornography Acceptable as a Marital Aid?

This is in direct conflict with the sexual relationship that the Bible describes between husband and wife. The sexual relationship is to be other-oriented, and the focus of both husband and wife is to be on pleasuring their spouse, not themselves. Pornography is a lie. It promises a wonderful, delightful experience, but that is only fantasy. Pornography provides a paradigm that is impossible in real life.

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