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Disclosure or Discovery in Marriage Counseling

As part of helping a couple reconcile the relationship, we require that the sexual offender do what is called a full disclosure. In a full disclosure, the offender is required to confess his or her sexual sin in detail to their spouse. Prior to this confessional meeting, they spend time examining their life and detailing all the ways they have sexually sinned against their spouse the years. This can be a very daunting and uncomfortable task to undertake, but it is totally necessary for reconciliation to take place.

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How Do You Talk to Your Kids About Sex?

What About Sex? Every parent knows they should have “the talk” with their kids. Some parents make a formal occasion out of it and others incorporate it into everyday life; discussing questions as they arise. I know there are those who are uncomfortable with using the proper, medical terminology for body parts, and those who would use nothing else. Thinking back on the night my mom talked with me about sex, the one word I recall is, “awkward.” What she told me came from an entirely different generational perspective than what I had already heard from others, and seen...

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