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Counseling the Post Abortive Woman

This presentation, Counseling the Post Abortive Woman, was given by Julie Ganschow at the B3 Conference held in March of 2015. Mark your calendars for the upcoming conference: COMING March 2-4, 2017! B3 Conference on Marriage & Family! Plenary speaker Dr. Nicholas Ellen. Nicolas A. Ellen is the Senior Pastor of Community of Faith Bible Church and an instructor at CBS. Pastor Ellen has also developed a biblical counseling training center called Expository Counseling CenterLLC. Pastor Ellen is a certified Biblical Counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and a senior member of the Biblical Counseling Framework Association. He and his wife Venessa have two children, Venezia and Lindsey.

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Is Pornography Acceptable as a Marital Aid?

This is in direct conflict with the sexual relationship that the Bible describes between husband and wife. The sexual relationship is to be other-oriented, and the focus of both husband and wife is to be on pleasuring their spouse, not themselves. Pornography is a lie. It promises a wonderful, delightful experience, but that is only fantasy. Pornography provides a paradigm that is impossible in real life.

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Sin Loves the Darkness

By God’s grace, I have helped enough women overcome sexual sin to know it is possible. There is no reason for any woman to continue to live as a slave to sin. My encouragement for you who struggle: Come out of the darkness and into His wonderful light of repentance, forgiveness and righteousness! There is help available through Reigning Grace Counseling Center, and I also recommend Pure Freedom. ~Julie Ganschow

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