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Self-Gratification – Gift or Sexual Sin?

A few things for you to know: Self-gratification (masturbation, self-stimulation, self-sex) has become a literal epidemic among women, including Christian women.  I have counseled many, many women who are struggling with this issue and they have no idea where to turn for information or help.  They believe it is sinful and are burdened with guilt and shame.  These women are fearful of being discovered and their secret being uncovered. They are afraid of being judged.

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The Dangers of Teens and Sex Part 1

There are many dangers to a young person’s becoming sexually active. The ones parents freak out about the most are AIDS and pregnancy. Somewhere on their mental list is the STD and with the marketing of such drugs touted as preventers of cervical cancer and herpes there is a mistaken view that if we could just eliminate the possibility of getting a disease or pregnant than we could relax some.

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