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Holiday Conversations

Most of us are not being threatened physically but sometimes, honestly, we act like it! We are so fearful of stirring up an argument or offending someone with the Gospel in our conversations, that we become as anxious as if it were a threat of physical harm. This is definitely something that needs to change, and the only way that will happen is if we line up our hearts with the truth. We do this by prayer, as Peter and John and their friends did. We ask the Lord to understand the threat that we are perceiving, and help us overcome our fear. He alone can supply the boldness we need to speak the truth in love to our families, so we must ask Him directly for it.

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Counselor, How Can I Change?

Most people who come for help are looking for change. In relationship counseling, the individuals are usually looking for the other person to change. Those in individual counseling are often looking for their circumstances or feelings to change and they don’t know how to make that happen. It is important to realize that such habits did not develop overnight, and new habits will not become automatic overnight. Biblical change takes time and practice. It takes time for someone who is habituated to a particular sin to transform and begin consistently to demonstrate new attitudes and actions.

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My Wretchedness and the Love of God

Imagine a god who would send his son to die for nothing. That god would be a sick and terrible god. Thank God that that is not the God we serve! God saw our wretchedness and he saw how evil we are and He still loved us. Our sin is not a small thing. It is what separates us from God forever. The Bible says that liars will not see the kingdom of Heaven. That’s not just people who are racist, sexually immoral, or murderers, but liars. We all have lied. An essential part of being saved is understanding just how sinful we are. We have to know and understand how sinful we are and that there is no way that we could be right with God on our own.

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How Can We Avoid Bitterness?

Bitterness becomes a personal poison as it eats you up inside. Every woman I have asked about their bitterness of heart has told me they think holding on to those offenses somehow hurts the other person. They don’t see that by remaining bitter they are giving that other person ongoing power in their lives! The people who have hurt you are long gone, or they’ve moved on and they (often) do not care one bit about you or your ongoing pain.

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