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Is There a Pattern of Change?

Lifelong habits of sinful responses are stubborn and require hard work, prayer, and much time in the Word. But when the Lord places a desire in your heart for change, nothing can stop you! Habits are born of practice, and new habits even more so. As you put off those old responses, become renewed in your mind, and begin to put on godly ones, you will see a new pattern forming: A pattern of change. It may not happen overnight, and you may still sometimes fall back into sinful responses, as I did this weekend. But with the Lord’s help, you and I will begin to see the change that God has in store for us when we trust in Him and obey His commands.

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Cutting The Nerve

So then, my brothers, you can see that we owe no duty to our sensual nature, or to live life on the level of the instincts. Indeed that way of living leads to certain spiritual death. But if on the other hand you cut the nerve of your instinctive actions by obeying the Spirit, you will live.                —Romans 8:12-13, Phillips Over at my personal blog, Near to the Healer, I write to encourage those who suffer with chronic pain and disability. Occasionally a reader will comment and tell me of her specific physical issues. I know of one...

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If You Could Rid the World of One Thing…

Yesterday morning I saw a posting on social media that asked this question: If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? There were the usual answers of poverty, war and so on, but one answer gave me great pause: religion/God. This was a stunner for me, but I guess it shouldn’t be. Never, at any other time in my life have I seen such disdain for Christianity. The comments on this social media thread were crushing to me. People hate God, and they don’t care much for those of us who don’t. They don’t...

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When Not to be Content

Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. Philippians 4:11 (NASB) This past week I had the privilege of speaking to a group of women on the topic of contentment. I had some additional thoughts on that subject that I didn’t go into during the speaking venue. In light of some of the well-meaning but dangerously wrong counsel I have heard given to women over the years, I thought I would bring out something important pertaining to this verse. I am often asked questions like what to do when my...

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