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Obey the Signs!

There was a big air show here this weekend. One of the main bridges from north to south was closed down for the event. All week leading up to the event the newscasters have been warning us to plan ahead and make different travel routes in and out of downtown. Another main freeway route is closed down for construction purposes. During the summer months the highways are just a mess and it is better to just avoid them if you can. I think many of us view issues and problems in life the same way; we want to avoid...

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The God of the Smallest Details

Summertime means road construction in our area. The construction season is quite a bit longer here than it was in Wisconsin because the warm weather comes earlier and lasts longer into the fall. One of the things that are being done is bridge inspection and repair. Several have been shut down and completely rebuilt. The most curious thing to me has been the construction of a bridge over the Missouri River that is right next to a bridge that currently spans the Missouri River. The two bridges are not complimentary to one another, and I would not expect the...

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