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An Unsubmissive Heart

I was talking to my good friend the other morning. She’s struggling with something God has allowed into her life and was in a moment of exceptional pain because of it. She was telling me how she is failing to submit to God’s will in her suffering; that in her battling in her flesh she is not glorifying God. As I listened to her tell me her story through tears, I found myself pondering if this really means she has an unsubmissive heart.

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Submitting To An Unbelieving Husband

It’s never going to be back-and-white . Submitting to an unbelieving husband is a balancing act. Sometimes you have to weigh the command to submit against the other commands of Scripture. You must not submit, for example, if he asks you to sin. Like the disciples, you must obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29). Remember that Sapphira did not earn God’s favor by submitting to Ananias’ evil plan (Acts 5:1-11). And Abigail was anything but submissive when she saved Nabal from David’s wrath (1 Samuel 25).

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Submission Defined and Explained

As we continue learning about submission, I thought it would help you to understand what the Bible means by what it says in those passages that command submission. For today’s blog, I am relying heavily on the teaching of my...

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