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Processing and Grieving Loss

I am just back from attending the annual conference of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). I had the privilege of presenting a workshop on the topic of suffering and sorrow. The timing of the conference was interesting in that one week ago I buried my 95-year-old father. The Lord was, of course, aware of the proximity of my dad’s death to the workshop I would teach at the conference. As many of you know, he had been suffering for the past few years from vascular dementia and was slowly going downhill. Since having double pneumonia in February,...

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Three Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say in a Counseling Session

Have you heard this phrase before? It means that if you can think positively—put a positive spin on your problem, it won’t be so hard. As you know if you’ve tried this, the effect can be good, but it is rarely a lasting one. You can “think positive” about something for a time, but reality usually dictates that when something is difficult, one’s thinking about it can’t stay positive for long.

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