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13 Reasons, Why Parents of Teens Should Watch

The first episode opens with Hannah’s classmate and friend, Clay, finding a package of cassette tapes left on his doorstep. The 13 tapes were recorded by the now deceased Hannah, and each tape is intended for those students Hannah says played a part in her decision to end her life. Each student is to listen to all the tapes, then pass them on to the person on the next tape. The final recipient is to be the school psychologist.

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Lies We Tell Ourselves- and Believe

Many of the problems we face are due in part to the lies we tell ourselves. “I am fat” “I am stupid” “I am what I do” Someone makes a negative comment to us or about us and we receive it as though it is true. “You will never amount to anything” “You are ugly” “You are worthless” Over time these lies are reinforced by our own thinking and eventually they become a part of our belief system. This can lead to depression, anxiety, worthlessness and other responses that lead to life dominating sinful actions and attitudes. “Why should I try” “I will never be good enough” “I am defective” It is very, very difficult to convince someone to believe differently about themselves once negative messages have been ingrained in their heart. There must be a strong unchangeable foundation underneath a persons belief system for it to hold up under the negative messages of the world. Is it right to let the opinion of a teacher or a boss define your identity? Is it right to be persuaded about your worthiness by popular opinion or culture? Is it right to accept the messages of ungodly people into your heart? I see the devastation that is created in the lives of people who accept as gospel truth the words of people about who they are. Addiction Eating Disorders Self-harm Suicide attempts Our...

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Forgiving Myself

Have you ever been told that in order to move past a difficult sin or to “heal” from something you have to forgive yourself? This is a commonly taught and viewpoint in Christianity as well as in the secular counseling realm. I am very frustrated by Christians who promote this erroneous teaching because it is completely unbiblical! People who say they “cannot forgive themselves” have a huge misunderstanding of the gospel and the cross. Typically I hear a person say they cannot forgive themselves when they have committed a horrible sin or a sin they have judged as being terrible or horrible.  A few of these would be a woman who had an abortion, was involved in adultery or some other sexual sin, hurt their child through abuse, or maybe did something foolish that was harmful to someone else. What is mysterious is very often the person will tell me that they know that God has forgiven them; they have accepted the shed blood of Christ for the forgiveness of their sin, and they may even have secured the forgiveness of the person or person’s they harmed.  Yet, they still cannot seem to “forgive themselves.” The root of this sin (and yes it is sin) is unbelief.  There is nowhere in Scripture that we find a command to forgive yourself, in fact the Bible states numerous times that there...

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