Category: Trials

Hope In Hard Times

As I read and watch the nightly news one thing becomes more and more evident- life is hard. It really does appear that our world is on an ugly trajectory and that the troubles we encounter will only increase as we rocket toward the end of days.

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Treasure in Earthen Vessels

Like you, I wonder what God is accomplishing by my trials and by allowing me to be brought so low. I know I have been in this kind of a place before…this time it is deeper and different. God allows us to experience all kinds of trials on ever deeper levels to round out our character and to give us the ability to minister to others in their time of need.

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Helping the Hurting

Most people like to help others and that is a good thing because we are surrounded by hurting people every day. They may be in your small group or Bible study, over your backyard fence, or someone you meet in line at the store.

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I Am So Tired

Do you know that one of the two major reasons for sleeplessness that leads to fatigue in daily life is unbiblical responses to the problems of daily life? When problems are not handled in a biblical manner, conflicts remain unresolved and fester all day and into the night.

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