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Prayer and Worry – Part 2

It is understood that in our present economy, we rarely have the luxury of taking the day off life in order to be on our face before God in prayer, so as always balance is the key here. Praying without ceasing means that I pray all day long in whatever moments I have interrupting my prayer for tasks set before me rather than the other way around.

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Praying and Worry – Part 1

The wonder of prayer is that it is communication with God. What makes it wondrous is that God listens! I can talk all day long but if no one is listening I am nothing more than a chatterbox. However, the God of the Universe bends His ear to my lips and my words go to His heart.

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I Am So Tired

Do you know that one of the two major reasons for sleeplessness that leads to fatigue in daily life is unbiblical responses to the problems of daily life? When problems are not handled in a biblical manner, conflicts remain unresolved and fester all day and into the night.

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Mantras, Bible Verses, and Change

Sincere believers want to change and become like Christ. Sadly, we have probably all at some point heard such people express frustration, disappointment, and despair at their continued failure to do so. Maybe you have experienced that yourself. What I have often seen is that they will take a Bible verse, or concept, and then recite these repeatedly, believing that by doing so, the problem will go away and they will change. They are repeating Bible verses in a mantra-like fashion, in an effort to bring about whatever it is that is so desperately wanted. What they are reciting is true, as it is the Word of God. The problem is that it is not specific enough and it results in the lack of change.

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