This has been a very difficult week in our world. We have gone from 3 cars to one in 1 weeks time, all of us have jobs and school to get to and nothing is close to our home. Lots of logistical nightmare scenarios happening as a result.

It is easy in those times to want to ask God, “Don’t you love me?” I confess I struggled not asking that today when I learned that despite a few hundred dollars car #2 is still not fixed. I know that temptation, and I further confess that I have failed at other times when presented with mounting obstacles.

It is in our human nature to wonder why our God so rich and powerful and all-knowing would allow junk to befall us the way He does. In times of hunger and financial ruin we ask ourselves and others how a loving God could let us suffer so…with all the resources at His disposal, things He knows we need…why is it that He does not pour His bounty on us like so many raindrops…

I have to conclude that is it because He knows better than we do what we need and He provides for us what we need- and sometimes, no more than that.

In those times where I want to accuse God of not loving me I have to remember the reality is that all of this is so very, very temporary. In eternity will the department store bill matter? In eternity will the car payment matter? In eternity will a new outfit of clothes or a new dishwasher matter? Will the name on my children’s shoes matter or if I had a Coach handbag? Will it matter if I died debt free and with 2 working cars?

What will matter to me with respect to eternity is where I spend it. Heaven or Hell, smoking or non-smoking, eternally separated from God and Christ or with Him for ever.

God’s love for you and me is spelled out this way: God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

How can I whine and complain with this as my present and future reality?? Christ died for us that we could spend eternity with Him. Do You love me God? Yes You most certainly do.

My circumstances have not changed one iota since I sat down to write this posting for the blog. I am still down to 1 car, all my problems remain. But I have had a chance to remind myself once again of some profound truths. Really; what can man do to me?