Sunday was my last official day at my church. We are packing up and moving this weekend so this was my last opportunity to be with my church family and it was special.

Everyone hopes to leave some sort of a positive legacy behind them when they leave a place. We all secretly or not so secretly want people to miss us and think well of us and what we have accomplished while we were there. Leaving your home, job, city, ministry and church and getting a send-off like I received is sort of like being a guest at your own funeral visitation. Everyone was so very kind…

What I learned today is about the faithfulness of God and His perfect working in imperfect people. I do believe God uses any old pot to accomplish His will, that while some people are selected for “greatness” like Calvin, MacArthur, and Billy Graham most of the people God works through are just like me- cracked pots. Into and through these ordinary open vessels God reveals Himself.

You have no idea what a privilege it is to minister the gospel on a broader scale if you have never had the opportunity to do so. I have been unbelievably blessed by God to have had the past 5 years to serve the people of this area in biblical counseling and discipleship, and I have received an incredible opportunity to take it into other countries!

I know it is not because I am so wonderful or special that these things have taken place. I truly appreciate all the positive things said about the impact the ministry has had on the lives around me, but I know it is not because of me. It is truly all about Him.

If there be any echoes you hear, let them be that He is enough, He is sufficient, He has the answers, He is keeping you. If there be any reverberations or wake in my having been here I pray they will be ones that will continue to bring praise, honor and glory to Almighty God.

It is the King of Kings I serve, and He is the love of my life.