Gospel driven sanctification is a process. It is a process of change that is effected affected by what I do and how l live each day. Unfortunately, many appeal to us to approach our Christian growth in our own strength, and they present it as a method, or a few steps to follow that will result in our being better Christians. I have to ask, is that what the Word teaches us? One man said, “Frequently we throw works out the front door of justification, and invite them in the back door of sanctification.” I do believe spiritual disciplines like Bible reading, and prayer are necessary, but how do we practice those important spiritual disciplines, and not makes them works of acceptance… What I have learned from careful reading of the Scripture is we are to do them in complete and desperate dependence on Christ. He gives us the power to do them. We are to do them as a result of what we know to be true about who we are and what has been done to us and for us. We do them as a “therefore.” The therefore of Romans 7 that follows Paul’s teaching about our position in Christ, and his declaration of his constant battles with the flesh. This changes everything for us. No longer are we “performing” for God’s approval or acceptance because we understand we already have his approval and acceptance. We “do” because He “did.” We serve, and study, and learn, and obey, and submit, and worship, and change, and grow as a “Thank You” to the God of the Universe who has done so much for us. Oh reading friends, how I wish you could see my heart here! I want you to be free from those chains of expectation that choke the life out of your Christian life.