Happy 2009!

My prayer for you all this year is that Christ would be central in your lives. I pray that you would find your satisfaction in Him alone this year and that every other avenue of happiness would be closed to you outside of Him.

I pray that you would desire to love Him above all others, and that your love for Him would play out in service to others in many different ways. I pray that you would come to love the unlovables in your life.

I pray this is the year you conquer your secret sins, the ones you think no one knows about. I pray your heart would desire to serve God only and in doing so that you would forsake your idolatrous loves of the world.

I pray you would grow strong in the Lord and the power of His might this year. That your battles would be fought as Christ were fighting in your stead. That you would honor Him and glorify Him with your speech and your body.

I pray that this year would be the year your heart desires to be conformed to the image and likeness of His Son. I pray you will joyfully embrace your trials and hardships as the instruments of love they are. I pray you would be a patient lump of clay so that as the Master Potter shapes and molds you, you will endure the process graciously and humbly.

I ask that you pray for me in the same way, dear readers. You have all amazed me with your steadfastness in checking in here every day for weeks and months. I am truly humbled by your willingness to read my ramblings and to learn from what I teach here. I look forward to your visits and I ask that you would pray for God to give me continuous lessons to teach you in the coming year.

This year will be full of new changes for me and my family as we move to an entirely new State and I leave my dad and siblings behind here. Also, there will be the passing of my beloved mom, who I am certain will not live to see another year after this one.

I will also be leaving behind a large aspect of my counseling ministry here when I move, and some very dear and wonderful friends God has blessed me with. So it will be a year of great change for me.

I covet your prayers as we go forward in grace and truth together!