Best Job in the World

The weight of sin is heavy. As I listen to my counselees tell their stories of struggle, grief, and pain, my heart aches. I hate sin, and I hate what it does to people. I have the best job in the world because I get to point hurting, broken people to the Healer of their souls. I am ever aware of the privilege it is to be in such a position, and am deeply grateful to the Lord that He saw fit to put me here. But sometimes, honestly, it is a heavy load. The simple joy of just loving the Lord has faded into the shadows as I work to shine bright lights on sin, and as I seek to comfort and exhort those who come to me for help.

Timely Encouragement

But yesterday, as I drove to a church function, a song came on the radio that was one of the first Christian songs I ever heard after I was saved. As I listened to the words, a flood of joy overtook my soul, and the Spirit washed over me with the memory of those first days of loving Him. Suddenly, I remembered how lost I once was; how stuck in sin and bondage my soul had been. I remembered the joy of that feeling of release—the weight lifted—as I truly repented for the first time, and experienced the love and forgiveness of Christ.

With just a few notes of that song, I was transported back to the beginning of my walk with the Lord; those first moments of realization that I didn’t have to stay in that prison I had created for myself through sin and rebellion. I could be free because Christ had paid my debt! As the song played, my mind went back to that new birth, my baptism, that hunger and thirst for more of the Word; my deep, passionate, fiery love for the Lord, and my desire to learn all I could about Him. What wonderful memories the Lord brought to mind!

It was almost like a dream sequence: The years of learning, then teaching, serving in the church–deep and difficult trials sprinkled throughout–and finally, training and receiving my certifications as a biblical counselor. As the Lord brought all these things to mind, I was amazed at the symphonic perfection with which He has harmonized every aspect of my life. This incident gave me just a tiny glimpse at the “big picture” that I urge my counselees to focus on: That eternal perspective that only God truly has.

God sees everything, unbound by time and space, but we see only this tiny sliver of life. Every now and then, though, by divine intervention through something as seemingly inconsequential as a song on the radio, He gives us a glimpse of something more. In that ten-minute drive, it was almost as if He allowed my life since my conversion to play out in fast-forward mode, and I got to “see” the miraculous and perfect way that He works. Though I hadn’t forgotten all that He has done in my life, I had never seen it quite so perfectly laid out like that. It was my own music video, if you will, and it was such a blessing.

Invitation to Remember

My friend, do you remember when you were first enlightened? Do you remember the great lifting of that burden of sin that you felt, as you exchanged your heavy burden for His light and easy one? How long has it been since you experienced that simple joy of just loving the Lord, and of being relieved of that burden? I’d like to invite you today to think back on that time in your life, whether it was recent or long ago, and take a moment to be thankful. Here are some of the words to the song I heard yesterday, just in case you need a push:

Mercy came running like a prisoner set free, past all my failures to the point of my need. When the sin that I carried was all I could see, and when I could not reach mercy, mercy came running to me. (Click on the link for the full experience!)

These words reminded me how helpless I was, how desperate, yet unable to rescue myself. So, He came to me. He chose me, drew me to Himself, and saved me. Why? So I could walk around weary and burdened by sin? No! He saved me so that I might comfort others with the comfort I have received. The divinely inspired coincidence of this song playing just as I pulled out of the driveway, provided that very comfort that I want to pass on to you today. I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on the Lord’s work in your life and to reignite that simple joy of just loving Jesus!