Keep Trusting in the Face of Lies

This week I was talking with a woman who has been a victim of what could be called constructive dismissal. In the past, she had been put into a position where she was forced to resign so that she would not be sinning. After resigning, those who had put her in that position lied about her reason for leaving and other people believed the lie. In the meantime, the Lord provided her with a new place of work where she has been able to help other people in their Christian lives. When she was forced to resign, she was not certain of having this new occupation and was brought to a position of trusting the Lord alone for her future. When we talked this week, she told me that the real circumstances behind her dismissal will soon be included in an official document which those people have no control over. The truth will come out.

People Being Lied About in the Bible

This made me think of instances in the Bible when people suffered because of the lies of others. In Genesis 39, Potiphar’s wife lied and said that Joseph had tried to molest her. Her lie resulted in Joseph spending the next years in a prison. We can read about the Lord’s purpose in these events in chapters 40 and 41 when Joseph interpreted two other prisoner’s dreams and later Pharaoh’s. The result of Joseph being in prison because of a lie was that it indirectly led to him interpreting Pharaoh’s dream and lives in Egypt being saved.

Many bore false witness against our Lord (Mark 14:56-59). Even though their testimonies did not agree, the injustice of the trial led to him being crucified for our sins. It is through his death and resurrection on the cross that lives are eternally saved and lived for the glory of God worldwide.

Paul was lied about and falsely accused on many occasions. Yet, at the end of his life, he could write about the Lord standing by him and strengthening him so that the message may be proclaimed and the Gentiles might hear it (2 Timothy 4:17). In Philippians 1:12 Paul writes that his imprisonment had served to advance the gospel. It had become clear to all people connected to his imprisonment, that he was in prison for Christ.

Paul’s suffering caused by lies and accusations, our Lord’s suffering because of false witnesses, and the suffering of Joseph because of the lies of Potiphar’s wife, all led to the saving of lives for the glory of God. All of them suffered greatly and unjustly because of the dishonesty of others. Yet, all of them show us that God had a purpose and that was the saving of lives.

Trusting the Lord in the Midst of Lies

When we suffer unjustly at the hands of others, such as being lied about by others, it is important to focus on the Lord and his purpose, even though the specific fulfillment may not be known at the time. As we focus on him and his glory, it is a witness to others and may lead to the saving of lives. What a contrast to becoming angry, resentful, fearful of what other people are saying and doing behind our backs, and becoming immobilized and giving up. May we focus on and help lead others to true and eternal life.