God is interesting. The way He deals with me is always beyond my understanding, and I am grateful for that. He allows me to try to find every way possible out of a jam or situation and He just seemingly sits back, arms folded across His chest (I imagine a big smile on His face) and waits for me to be done exhausting my options… and myself.
He already knows the answer, He has had the solution from eternity past.
I continue to pray “Tell me what to do…” and as I pray… I try to figure it out myself.
I fuss and fret and eventually come to terms that I am out of options and I must rely on nothing other than Him. I have nothing but prayer, and faith, and His faithfulness to me. What a wonderful place to be!
I can trust Him because I know He has a plan, He is aware, and He is fully in charge of whatever the thing of the moment or day is. He reminds me that HE knows the end from the beginning and that no matter how it looks to me, He sees infinitely more than I do. He always wants me to remember that I need Him, that I am nothing without Him, and even though I may plan and strategize the “best” way ~ultimately my life is His- hidden in Christ and He will do with me what He wills. And that will always bring glory to Himself.