I have commented other times about the dangers of social networking sites. I do use them, and I enjoy using them quite a bit! My entire family has Facebook pages and we have one for our ministry and counseling center as well. They are excellent tools when used correctly. Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the same rules and they are rife with opportunities for danger and sin.

As Christian women we have a responsibility to look after our households, and to be aware of the influences of the media on our family. We are cautious with television and reading material, however I have seen many wonderful Christian parents completely let go of the reigns when it comes to what their children post on social networking sites. We must always be aware and look wise to the ways of our households in every circumstance. This is includes pictures our children post on line (especially teenage daughters!) and status updates. This internet world is enormous and it is frightening the ability that nefarious people have to not only connect in an anonymous way but to view and steal pictures of people that interest them.

One other area that we women must pay attention to, is who we “connect” with and who our husbands “connect” with.  I recently heard on a radio program a woman telling the host about the financial disaster she was in because her husband ran off with a woman he met on a social networking site. A former neighbor of ours became our neighbor because her husband met another woman on the internet and ran off to our State to be with her.

It is not only men of course who are vulnerable to such things! It is so very easy for a woman to make an emotional connection with a man over the internet. This very disconnected method of “relationships” has shipwrecked many marriages and led to innumerable broken hearts and destroyed families.

If you have a Facebook account or a MySpace account it is crucial that you are accountable to your spouse about your “friends.” Over the past year or so we have reconnected with some of our old friends and acquaintances from our high school years and we have many new friends from our church and those who attend our Track Training Classes for Biblical Counseling.  We have an agreement that as a general rule we do not “friend” single people of the opposite sex. On those rare occasions all of FB postings and chats are available for the other person to view because it is sent to our email addresses. It is another measure of accountability that we have set up between us so that there is never a question of our integrity.

We must grow wise to the ways of the world, the flesh and the devil for they are seeking to devour us and our households.