Raising Teens in a Hyper-Sexualized World

There are many books on talking to your kids about sex but most of them cover things to do to prepare for a conversation. You know that awkward conversation that you dread having and then once you have it you hope to never have it again? This is not that kind of book.

This book explores how to respond to your teen when you are faced with the reality that they may know more than you thought and possibly be engaging in more than you hoped. The pages contain situations and stories that come from many years of counseling parents who desperately want to respond well to their teens.

Eliza Huie, Biblical Counselor, Raising Teens in a Hyper-Sexualized World

Eliza Huie, Biblical Counselor

Leaning on the wisdom of Scripture as well as faithful authors who have extensive experience, Eliza Huie has compiled what surely will be practical tips for parents of teens. They are tips to help keep the conversations going. Tips to help you navigate your next interaction with your teen. Using scenarios that you may have found yourself in as a parent, Eliza brings hope to the possible mishaps parents fall into when walking with teens in the area of sexuality.

Teens today are being bombarded with sexual content and images making it difficult for even the most engaged parents to keep up with. It can leave you feeling exhausted and defeated before you even get a chance to really try and engage them. This book is for parents who are trying to keep up but also for parents who may find themselves feeling behind in this fast paced hyper-sexualized world.

The book is short enough that even the busiest parents can get through it. Parents will come away from reading this with a hopeful outlook, knowing that God is at work in both them and their teen and that they can be a voice in their teenager’s life that influences and guides them towards a life that honors the Lord in the midst of an alluring world.

Raising Teens in a Hyper-Sexualized World can be found on www.10ofthose.us.

ElizaHuie is a biblical counselor at Life Counseling Center in Marriottsville, Maryland. Experiencing God’s redeeming grace through the hope of the Gospel is her motivation for counseling. She also teaches workshops on counseling related topics and mercy ministries and writes for various venues related to biblical counseling. She is the author of Raising Teens in a Hyper-Sexualized World. Eliza and her husband, Ken, have three children in their late teens and early twenties and enjoy exploring the outdoors as a family. Areas of special interest in the counseling realm are relational difficulties, marriage and family, depression, sexual brokenness, and suffering.