There are purposes for internal conflicts.  When struggling with things inside your heart it is necessary to ask yourself what God is trying to teach you.

There are times when honest self-examination is needed and you have to be willing to cut through self-denial and self-justification and see what is lurking inside. This is tough stuff because it does involve being brutally honest with yourself about yourself.

It might mean you will have to get the plank out of your own eye with respect to a fracture in a relationship between you and another person. Examination of your actions in the conflict is required if you are going to do your part to make it right with them. 

Often we are offended and hurt because someone violates a perceived right; something we believe we are entitled to. If it is not handled biblically (in the moment) bitterness quickly takes root and grows like wildfire. You might have to resolve the issue in your heart and practice biblical forgiveness by forgiving them in your heart, even if they never ask you for forgiveness or admit their wrong. By doing this, you are freeing yourself from any desire to take revenge and even transferring the responsibility to avenge yourself to a loving, and just God. However, none of this will happen without going logging in your own heart first.

Another conflict comes from justifying your sin. Perhaps you have convinced yourself that something you are doing or how you are living is just fine in the eyes of the Lord, but you know that the Bible says it is sin. This brings great internal conflict and the only key to resolving this is through recognizing and admitting that you really are sinning. Confession is something that is often overlooked or glossed over by Christians and it shouldn’t be! Confession then repentance is required to restore peace in the soul as the Holy Spirit’s presence urges us onward. Heart change is needed to eliminate the conflict within because true change is the key to future success!

Biblical change brings conflict. When you come to the place where you have to look at how God sees some of those things you hold so dear and you realize the depths of your idolatry, the willful slavery… it can be crushing. Yes, it can be ugly to have a glimpse of the hidden places of the heart but may I encourage you to continue on the path toward full surrender of self?