Summertime means road construction in our area. The construction season is quite a bit longer here than it was in Wisconsin because the warm weather comes earlier and lasts longer into the fall. One of the things that are being done is bridge inspection and repair. Several have been shut down and completely rebuilt. The most curious thing to me has been the construction of a bridge over the Missouri River that is right next to a bridge that currently spans the Missouri River. The two bridges are not complimentary to one another, and I would not expect the current bridge to remain. However, the roadways that are being built seem to connect to both bridges in places.

As I have watched this construction process I have been contemplating all the detail that must go into building things like roads and bridges where cars and trucks currently whiz by at 65 mph. All the re-routing of traffic, temporary lanes, and closures of exits requires tremendous planning and foresight. One road is made of hundreds maybe even thousands of details. Frankly, the thought of it overwhelms me! I am thankful that the Lord has given men the ability to create roads and bridges, for if I was to attempt it nothing good would come of it.

When I am confronted by something in life to be overwhelming or insurmountable (at least to my way of thinking) I have to remember that God is the God of the smallest detail. The information or ability that I lack has already been planned for by God. I can see that is true in Reigning Grace Counseling Center, as my staff rounds out those rough areas and thinks of things I do not think of. He has brought people into my life who have the qualities and abilities that I lack to help in accomplishing the goals He has determined for my life and the lives of those I touch.

Honestly, there are times I struggle with discouragement as things don’t appear to be moving fast enough, or some new roadblock is set before me that stands in opposition to what I think ought to be done. In those times I have to remind myself that while it may look like nothing is happening, God is arranging the details behind the scenes.

If road construction isn’t an example you can relate to, some of you might more identify with pregnancy. For example, when my daughter-in-law was expecting our grand-daughter, no one knew she was pregnant during those first critical months. While it looked from the outside as though nothing was happening, nothing could have been further from the truth! In the secret place, the baby was physically forming into the human shape that we recognize and developing all her critical parts (Psalm 139). Before she even knew she was carrying a baby God was arranging all those tiny, tiny details in that tiny new human being, and she was perfect in His eyes.

Our youngest son just got married on Saturday. It’s been a while since I’ve helped host a wedding and what I learned is there are a million details to putting on a wedding, dinner, and reception! All the things that needed to be done on time and in order were sometimes frustrating to us; but they all needed to be completed. Many times over the past 3 months and most certainly in the past week I asked the Lord to help me to accomplish big things!

It is comforting to know the Lord is involved in every situation we face and He is the God of the smallest details. The best thing is, He is omniscient and knows everything! He is omnipotent and all powerful; nothing can change His divine decree. Knowing God’s character ought to bring thanksgiving to your heart and your lips. Being thankful for His loving care will help remove anxiety about your situation. I hope and pray you are comforted by today’s blog verse:

“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Matthew 10:30

The next time you are tempted to believe that your situation is too big (and maybe even too big for God) can I encourage you to remember in your distress that God is the God of the smallest detail? The God who knows how many hairs your head will ever contain is pretty amazing! You can trust Him, you can rest in Him. He is good and will work out your situation for your good and His glory.