Yesterday Don Whitney was out guest preacher and he spoke to us about waiting. Waiting is such a hard thing to do, and there seem to be an inordinate number of people I know waiting for something. When the waiting is prolonged we become impatient and angry that God’s will is taking so long to be revealed in our lives.

As I pray about the things other people and I are waiting for I am reminded of the Hebrews and their captivity in Egypt.
So God heard their groaning; and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. God saw the sons of Israel and God took notice of them. Exodus 2:24, 25
I want to remind you that God hears our pleadings, and even though you have been waiting for a long time He has not forgotten you.  
God saw the suffering of His people in Egypt, and He sees your suffering this moment too. He is not watching from His heavenly throne with His arms crossed across His mighty chest passively observing you like a bug under a magnifying glass, He is actively building character in you as you struggle. He is building faith, and perseverance, and trust and hope and endurance in your heart and mind. He is preparing you even now for the next trial you will face, strengthening you so that when that day comes you will be able to bear it. 

“For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. 2 Chron. 16:9a

Finally we see that God took notice of His people. On the surface, the verse in Exodus can be misleading because it reads as though God was unaware of them or their plight. What this verse actually means is that God “knew” them; He brought to bear the covenant He made with their forefathers. It was not because of any action they had done no set of righteous deeds caused God to move, it was simply time.
We can take a lesson from this as well. Sometimes while we are waiting we get a mindset of works righteousness and wrongly think that if we fast more, pray harder, sacrifice something, and beg or plead with tears that God will move on our behalf; that we can make God move. I am sorry, we cannot. God will move in our situations when it brings Him the most glory. It may be the last minute of the last hour we have or in the time we least expect Him to do so. Always, always, He moves when it brings Him the most glory.
This is further testimony to why I say that it is all about Him and not at all about us. From the time God began to actively intervene in the captivity of the Hebrews it was all about bringing glory to Himself. All those miraculous signs were not about Pharaoh, or Moses and Aaron or the Hebrews; they were about a mighty and all powerful God revealing His glory to the world.
When God chooses to move in your circumstances it will be for His glory and your benefit. Be assured that as He was bringing Moses into the world He had the same plan in mind as the one He brought to pass. He already has the answer to your question of “when” and your job in this time of waiting is to pray He would bring Himself glory in revealing it.