We can allow many things to attempt to define who we are.

I know I have and still do. 

Family, friends, children, church, jobs, failures, sins and so much more. 

When voices of the world or the one that loops in our own minds; when we sin or are sinned against; when our circumstances shift or we when face a crisis – our self-perception, even as Christ followers, can be fragmented or incomplete. 

We can struggle with the immutable truth of the identity we’ve been given in Christ. 

Suffering, especially, can cause us to grapple with what we thought we knew about ourselves. 

It shakes our foundation – and if it’s faulty, it will crumble. 

As it should. 

Because creation was never designed to bear the weight of defining us, only the Creator is. 

Rebuilding our lives often means rebuilding the understanding of our identity.

And let me assure you, I’m not there yet. 

But that doesn’t mean I can’t encourage you as we journey together. 

This isn’t the secular mantra of self-help that tattily affirms a person’s self-worth. 

But rather as Christ followers, we ought to have the most confident, constructive, solidified self-image feasible.

Our history, the opinions of others, or even our own self-perception does not define us.

What God says defines us. 

How God sees us is who we are.

But we can not know who we are until we know Whose we are. 

Otherwise, we will resort to filling our life with poor substitutes.  

We can take this even a step further wanting other people to do for us what they were never equipped to do; give us identity, purpose, and meaning.

We begin to use people instead of loving them.

Instead of loving them to the glory of God we begin to crave their acceptance and affirmation. We stop loving them rightly and instead use them to fill the void in our lives that only Christ can fill. 

Our identity is intrinsic – nothing and no one can alter what God has ordained forevermore. 

He does not call us by our failures or flaws.

He has blotted out our sins, but not our name. 

He calls us by name. And has written it in His book.

Not with an eraser handy, but with eternal permanent ink.  

And has engraved us on the palms of His hands. 

We belong to Him. 

Knowing our life is in Christ gives us the right perspective that anchors our hearts and attitudes in everyday life.

By the grace of God, when we know who we are, because of Whose we are, everything can crumble, but we will rise again. 

When Abraham was counting the stars, he was counting us. 

God has set His heart upon us.

So, we may fall but we can not fall from His grace. 

And His grace always leads to glory.  

May we live from the ascendancy and sweetness of this knowledge and use the privilege of our position for His glory and our good.

‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine.’ ~ Isaiah 43:1b